A caterpillar in its cocoon, so are we in our bodies biding the moment to be a butterfly, free among the flowers silent majesty tender voice of high summer flying into fall an empty cocoon you flew like a butterfly never to return Written for DVERSE POETS’ PUB’s Meeting the Bar: Haiku Sequence Prompt EspeciallyContinue reading “BUTTERFLY”


BUTTERFLIES (for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63 – Magical)

  What magic is in a butterfly That casts a spell on the beholder The moment it flutters by? Would it be the flash of color That cuts through the air, or the silent Grace stirring the stillness of summer? Is it the broken wings that tyrant Age has wrought? So fragile, so strong FlyingContinue reading “BUTTERFLIES (for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63 – Magical)”


See in the caterpillar the butterfly it becomes. See hope wash away despondence. Let children be children becoming their calling. Who’s served when pupae are pushed out of their chrysalis to fly? Grace comes neither too early nor too late but just in time.   ~~~ Linking with DVERSE’s Quadrille prompt.  Kim wants us toContinue reading “PATIENCE”


Look not at the bee for the grace of a butterfly or be disappointed A bee is a bee though cloaked in butterfly wings the bee will buzz and sting but it can make honey that no butterfly can. ~~~~ For dVERSE POETS” PUB’s Open Link Night.  Trifecta’s ‘GRACE’ prompt inspired this piece.  Check outContinue reading “BE”


Poor butterfly! Does it know – its wings are broken perhaps, it does not care it flits from flower to flower as good and joyful as any other as long as it flies, gets its nectar its life work’s done. Maybe, that’s all that matters. ~~~~ For more CAREFREE, please visit the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE. Continue reading “WPC: CAREFREE”


My instinctive response for this challenge was to post pictures of the persons I love most. I would plaster on my wall the faces of my husband and children. Yet, after some thought, I decided that there will be other chances to show off those beloved faces (which I have been posting here and thereContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: COMPANIONABLE”


Butterflies meadow fairies sprinkling golden dust upon eyes that seek magic. ~~~ Flowers spray fragrance angling for lover’s kiss like butterfly whispers.  Butterfly whispers wake up the flowering fields into summer dreams. ~~~~~ Chasing summer dreams children run about carefree like the butterflies. ~~~~~ Fragile fading wings resolved to gather nectar what noble warriors. ~~~Continue reading “BUTTERFLIES”