Let the moon hide day in its light and keep at bay the dark of night to her bosom my wings take flight Weighed by my plight. Weighed by my plight. My old wounds bleed, please stem the tide of bitterness welling inside. The maw of darkness opens wide In you I hide. InContinue reading “REFUGE”


The first Eve fell for the Serpent’s lies – the forbidden fruit would make her and Adam wise like their Creator who gave them Paradise but to sin and woe, it only opened their eyes. Innocence they’ve lost, they’re banished from Eden The guilt of Adam and Eve visited their children But God’s mercy wouldContinue reading “IMMACULATA”


    Today, we (Catholics) commemorate the  Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  God, in His loving kindness, did not permit that the woman – who by a singular privilege was immaculately conceived so that she would be worthy to carry in her womb God’s only begotten Son – should suffer decay of body afterContinue reading “FOR THIS HOLY DAY”