The cardinal watched from his branch. No song spilled from his breast. I used to hear his serenade thread the air in the yard as the sun found its place up in the eastern skies. What could have silenced his full throated notes? The cardinal sat alone in the shadows of the twigs watching asContinue reading “CARDINAL WITHOUT A SONG”


The blueberries are ripening mmm..their flavor tickle my tongue Alas! when it was time to harvest the ripe berries were gone! Oh what a disappointment! who could have pilfered them? Was it a nosy neighbor or some exuberant children? The mystery had to be solved I laid in wait in the grass and watched andContinue reading “THE BLUEBERRY THIEF”


Tiny singer, flit your wings; Bow before the King of kings Let your lovely concert rise To Him who gave you songs and skies. Let your throat, full of carols sweet, Pour them before the Eternal’s feet That we His praise may magnify Whom birds and angels glorify. I shall sing to Him who savedContinue reading “CANTICLE OF SAINT ROSE”


Look at the flowers in the fields how they grow. They do not toil or spin.  But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his wealth was clothe like one of these.  If God so clothes the grass in the field which blooms today and is to be burned tomorrow in an oven, Continue reading “OF LILIES AND SPARROWS”


All of these photos were taken from our kitchen window at different times, of course.   🙂  I wish they are the same birds.  But for purposes of the challenge, I pretend that they are.  And since I am already pretending, in my little universe, they are singing to each other –  WINTER SPRING SUMMERContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Friendship”

A FEATHERED SURPRISE (A Peregrine Falcon?)


When I looked out of the kitchen window this morning, I saw this strange bird. This is the first time I saw one like it here in our place or anywhere else. I was glad to have the camera nearby and took shots from the window. I wished I had a bigger zoom but I was happy enough to have this image. I went out to see it closer without the window between us, but birds, somehow, were attuned to my movements. They would fly with my smallest step, just as this one did.