I capture the present and sear it in memory not some image of glory, past or hoped for that lurks in your mind. I want life happening your face, its canvas telling a story through the lines and colors splattered all about you beauty, unadorned truth “hurts.” I see the look in your eyes tearsContinue reading “PHOTOGRAPHER”


Layers of petals yield beauty as rose …. of notes yield beauty as music ….of leaves  yield beauty as written words.   This last photo here is included upon the request of my sons who enjoyed the image that the folded pages made – eyes, big eyes. :-0 Thank you for coming by.  For moreContinue reading “WPC: LAYERS”


From gossamer threads crystal beads hung swaying in the breeze, catching the sun. A sparkling canopy resting on grassy blades, this little palace out of fairy tales. Too many have craved this home’s silvery lights and too late found they’ve been locked in tight. Into this delicate web they’ve all been lured that silken tonguedContinue reading “INTO THE GLASS WEB”


First things first, thank you to the folks in Tina’s Picstory for the nice words they have for my flower entries last week.  I got so busy with things at home that I did not even know about the vote results until Sandra of Letters of Muse gave me notice.   _________________________________ I do not like Barberry bushes.  TheyContinue reading “BEAUTY IN UNEXPECTED PLACES”