BRIDGE Because love suffocates behind closed walls, it dares bare its very soul and brave heartaches so love can bridge the barriers fear built among hearts and bring healing Grace to all. ***** The poem is a pleiades, essentially a poem with seven lines that begins with the same letter and  with six syllablesContinue reading “AN OLD COUNTRY FOOTBRIDGE”

WILDROSES BY THE ROADSIDE (for Travel Theme: Unexpected)

I have seen all there is to see in this City. We have gone here many times for  business and pleasure. I have visited the river that split Bangor in two and the bridge that made it whole again. I have walked its roads, I know they run parallel to each other. The buildings areContinue reading “WILDROSES BY THE ROADSIDE (for Travel Theme: Unexpected)”


This spider-web-inspired gate is a very famous one  in Bangor, ME.  Behind this  lives a very famous author and his family. He is quite famous that his house has become a sort of a tourist attraction. On a rainy day in June of last year, I was finally able to visit this place. While IContinue reading “WPC: THRESHOLD”


Day after Thanksgiving, we visited Bangor, ME.  It is a lovely city with graceful and not too tall buildings.  I’ve been there many times but had not had the opportunity to take pictures.  So, on the day of our trip – to the barber, actually – I walked about the city while the male membersContinue reading “BANGOR, MAINE FOR CEE’S FUN PHOTO”