A rose in November bloomed through wind and frost and chill blush of life from earth doomed to fading into winter’s spell. Velvet petals embraced the dawn. A rose in November bloomed dancing on its cane of thorns blessing the air with its perfume- wrapped promise that life entombed will conquer darkness in its wake.Continue reading “NOVEMBER’S ROSE”


Life falls one by one like leaves in autumn called to the ground that they may return in spring eternal. All Hallows’ Eve to all. 🙂 It is a special and holy weekend for us here as we celebrate All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.  For us, it is a time for prayer forContinue reading “REMEMBRANCE”


It is the season, so I am posting autumn-themed pictures. I was standing in the backyard waiting for leaves to fall and hoping to take a picture of one in mid-air. And I couldn’t capture a decent shot. Then I noticed the little maple trees on the ground. They were making their own show evenContinue reading “WPC: THE HUE OF YOU”


Swaying, dancing limbs let FALL a shower of leaves twirling dropping like garments ’til they rest on the floor. Little by little inhibitions are shed and all secrets bared to the dark wintry nights then gathered and worn again at the warm touch of light. ~~~~ I tried to make a different layout for thisContinue reading “STRIP TEASE”


Nothing happens around here no shooting stars ever come by to light up our lives with the glitter of tinseltown We have seasons that come like clockwork Leaves, they fall one by one cannot wait for the rest to turn and make a big fiery show for this season called autumn Snow, it is asContinue reading “RHYTHM”


For this week’s theme, I offer these leaf pictures from our backyard.  I like backlit photos and light saturated images.  I like the glow that the light lends to the pictures.  The light makes the images come alive.   Backlighting works well with leaves and flowers because of their transluscence.  I had less appealing results whenContinue reading “WPC: SATURATION”


Would that it’s always autumn tomorrows and yesterdays are all today there’ll be no worry about getting old or the children going away The breeze will ever be fair and the boughs laden with fruits the hearth is warm with laughter while chasing our earthly pursuits. But… will the the flowers grow when there’s noContinue reading “WISH”


Fallen leaves lay on the ground scattered, like days shed and left behind brilliant on those mornings illuminated by the sun; sad remains many other times crumbling, disintegrating in silence until they are one with the ground. ~~~ For DVERSE POETS’ PUB’s Open Link Night. I hope all of you are doing beautifully well.  It’sContinue reading “MEMORIES”


September sun don’t let me down there’s a touch of gloom in your eyes Should I be surprised by your sad smile when there is an impending good bye? September Sun darkness is advancing chill hovers in the air what is it like to stare at surrender and the loss of your power? You areContinue reading “SEPTEMBER SUN”