A hummingbird suspended in the air a baby cardinal learning to fly a robin eggshell lying on the ground a pair of bluejays taking to the sky a flock of sparrows tearing from their bush brightened my quiet uneventful days then there are the roses that bloomed anew filling October with their fragrant bouquet JustContinue reading “AUTUMN’S GIFT”


One of my favorite places near our home is the nearby pond. There, I see geese, swans, and gulls playing in the water. During a good year, the place shows all that is great about Fall – brightly colored trees, puffy clouds, noisy birds, all reflected in the water. Last year was a good timeContinue reading “DREAMY AUTUMN POND (for WPC: Dreamy)”


Apples and roses incense the earth. Their fragrance infuse the breeze rising from the Creator’s hands. Blessed be Summer and her fecund womb that sustains body and soul. Blessed be Autumn and her solitude that gathers and nurtures the weary and lost. Who dares stop the world, disrupt its rhythm that only its happy danceContinue reading “BENEDICTION”


Paint the leaves scarlet and gold lend them the glow of the sun riding low in the sky Don’t scrimp on the colors the shadows will come anytime to fill in the spaces in the foliage You will need the charcoal to trace the path of the leaf swirling from the branch to the groundContinue reading “PAINTING AUTUMN”


Autumn comes bearing a gift wrapped in velvet reds and fiery gold infused with Summer’s flavors. What a vision to behold this masquerade for his chilly airs that secretes decay’s odor. How soon the party ends the music shatters friends leave shadows reign and silence waits While Autumn does its work the heart hopes forContinue reading “AUTUMN BEARS A GIFT”

FIRST AUTUMN LEAF (for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge)

Leaves are turning leaves are turning summer’s fading fast autumn’s peeking autumn’s marching how quickly time had passed. ~~~ This is a late participant to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:  Metal / Fall. Happy week to you all. God bless you. 🙂


There might have been other swans in the pond from the outside, each one looks like the others webbed feet, yellow beak, and white feathers it’s a wonder how a swan finds the one it will bind itself to for all its life some inner grace or beauty that’s known to anyone calls one toContinue reading “DAILY POST: LOVE”