Leaves Don’t fall Without you Turning. Hang on When the wind blusters Hold tight when the rain pours Watch the geese fly south. Behold The sun go dim or even wait For Halloween. Do anything but Fall without unfurling Autumn’s banner. Autumn is Good Friday’s empty altar Stripped of flowers, and colors, and life WavesContinue reading “AUTUMN”


This fallen seed is the hope of winter carrier of life in its death breath secreted in the frozen womb tomb concealing its rebirth. Mirth bides its time to spring Ringing bells peal the resurrection hymn Poems immortalize the glorious dawn when mourning veils are lifted. Afflicted hearts soar to the heavens Incense perfume theContinue reading “THE FALLEN SEED”


The wind plays Autumn’s hymn Plaintive floating in the air above the treetops Through fields Of plump pumpkins And golden grains. Above the clouds There flows The staccato call of departing geese While down below the laden trees drum their fruit against the solid earth. Then at last the russet leaves join the swelling symphonyContinue reading “AUTUMN’S HYMN”

SWEET GRAPES (A Quadrille)

Purple grapes hang on the arbor behind an open gate their scent bid me come taste their sweetness. I closed my eyes, savored the juices coating my tongue. “My neighbor won’t see me She isn’t around.” I walked away before grapes sour our peace. Victoria hosts Dverse Quadrille # 16 – OPEN.


  When the trees are bare and leaves carpet the ground when the sun dims and cold grips your hand when the wind whistles and birdwings flap away don’t mourn nor drift about like a piteous sigh wait patiently I’ll wake up, by and by. ~~~ Whimsygizmo wants the Pub Habitues to use “Leaves” forContinue reading “THE EARTH AS SHE GOES TO SLEEP (A Quadrille)”


We sow memories in a pumpkin field while walking on the dirt to find the one pumpkin – unblemished, round, hallow, and big enough to carve into jack-o-lantern We will put candles inside its belly its face will glow and watch those passing by with eyes ablaze with mischief; the pointy teeth announcing the impContinue reading “PICKING PUMPKINS”

AUTUMN QUEEN (for WPC: Monochromatic)

The Queen comes on the wings of a summer’s day unheard, unseen, she marches to her throne yet the breeze pays homage to her regal steps with kisses tempering the sun’s fiery glow. Sprites wake from their slumber and spray the woods with rubies and gold while fruits ripen and perfume the air with aContinue reading “AUTUMN QUEEN (for WPC: Monochromatic)”