I am a hundred faces staring at me Unlike Narcissus, I am not thrilled by what I see Somehow, the faces are familiar and strange all are distorted, even grotesquely so – and their eyes, their eyes are accusing, sad, amused, angry – all at once Could that be me on the mirror? who amContinue reading “HALL OF MIRRORS”

TEA TIME (For WPC: Contrast and Travel Theme: World Cups)

This is my favorite ride in Fun Town Splash Town Park in Saco, ME. No, I do not ride, but I like its aesthetics best. I think the idea of people being served inside the cups, this time, is quite amusing. Inside, they experience an actual tempest in a teapot. It was for me theContinue reading “TEA TIME (For WPC: Contrast and Travel Theme: World Cups)”