Just because I love teapots, I had to find out what Googlism has to say about them… 🙂 Porcelain teapot is …. Porcelain teapot is made from porcelain Porcelain teapot is enhanced by hand Porcelain teapot is handcrafted by artisans in a socially and environmentally responsible manner in Thailand porcelain teapot is entirely relief moldedContinue reading “THE PORCELAIN TEAPOT”


Layer by layer I peeled their skins to see for myself what lurks within aphids and bugs and caterpillars, too all those extra protein? Eeew! So I washed and rinsed and peeled some more until my hands are a little sore until those jadeite heads got so small there’ll be no trouble cooking them atContinue reading “BRUSSELS SPROUTS”