Her words escaped like steam rushing out of a boiling cauldron they hit their mark, scalded and burned one she claims to love. She bent her knees, begged forgiveness kissed the wounds, called back her words – “I did not mean them,” she said. yet even though she was forgiven and everything seemed all fineContinue reading “DONE”


You’ve cried enough your tears pool around your feet you’ve worried enough your pacing has worn the pavement stop! Take a hold of yourself gather your strength you may think that you are down so low that you cannot stand but when you’re at the very bottom remember, there’s nowhere to go but up soContinue reading “NOTE TO SELF”


The other side of the bed is a rich place holding all I wished for in life a kind heart, loving arms, and a pillar of strength There’s no bad day that I turn to that side and won’t find solace or a good day that I look its way and won’t find the dayContinue reading “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED”