His tiny hands are not so tiny anymore His feet now run away when he’s called his big smile saying “catch me if you can!” The infant who could do nothing but cry has learned to put his brothers to tears. His babbling voice still learning to form words will soon challenge mine. Years haveContinue reading “EMPTY ARMS”


It can’t be the time when I turned away someone who came knocking at my door in the middle of the night begging for shelter from the descending cold. He looked  ragged and pitiful but I was afraid to take him in. If I admitted him into my world where could I turn had  thisContinue reading “THE SAMARITAN’S DILEMMA”


Celso saw the little boy from afar holding his mother’s hands while he munched on the apple on his free hand. Celso’s mouth watered; his stomach growled in anticipation. He hid himself behind a nearby trash bin. Keeping his eyes focused on the child, Celso blew on the plastic bag he was holding and knottedContinue reading “HUNGRY”