Whatever the eyes see whatever the ears hear cannot be unseen or unheard they lurk in the mind acquire a life of their own a kiss of life or a touch of doom upon a soul. Some purify the heart until it shines like gold others leave dark spots make it fit for worms. EarsContinue reading “SENSES”



September sun don’t let me down there’s a touch of gloom in your eyes Should I be surprised by your sad smile when there is an impending good bye? September Sun darkness is advancing chill hovers in the air what is it like to stare at surrender and the loss of your power? You areContinue reading “SEPTEMBER SUN”


Seeds of a flower grew together now are astride the wind to find their fortune in a land yonder where new life begins another blossom just like old home sends off its young again. Life goes on – birth death generations. Oh, brother oh, sister flourish where you are as a seed that was bornContinue reading “DISPERSION”


Look not at the bee for the grace of a butterfly or be disappointed A bee is a bee though cloaked in butterfly wings the bee will buzz and sting but it can make honey that no butterfly can. ~~~~ For dVERSE POETS” PUB’s Open Link Night.  Trifecta’s ‘GRACE’ prompt inspired this piece.  Check outContinue reading “BE”


The early bird called to the sun: “Come out and play.  Morning has come. Listen.  Listen to my song and watch the leaves dance along. I will fly to you to see you smile we’ll play hide and seek in the clouds up high.” And so the sun rose higher and brighter while the thrilledContinue reading “MORNING”


Poor butterfly! Does it know – its wings are broken perhaps, it does not care it flits from flower to flower as good and joyful as any other as long as it flies, gets its nectar its life work’s done. Maybe, that’s all that matters. ~~~~ For more CAREFREE, please visit the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE. Continue reading “WPC: CAREFREE”


Sometimes, morning comes shrouded with mist of a million dew drops falling heavy upon the wings that only wish to fly. . Then there are those mornings when the sun shines golden bathing the world in jewel tones spraying stars on the ground to greet the unhurried steps. Who’s to say what a new dayContinue reading “PASSING THROUGH”


Clusters of flowers Beauty beyond  sum of parts No room for sadness.   ~~~~ Finally, we are back home.   My vegetable garden did not do well this time.  Half the tomatoes and the zucchini are dying.  But the garden plants did ok.  Inside the house, I saw the hydrangea looking as fresh as theContinue reading “HYDRANGEA”


Days fold into each other they all look the same – there’s the sunrise, and the sunset occasionally, there’ll be rain. There are the grass, wet with dew and the birds slicing the air the wildflowers dancing in the fields or the bees heavy with nectar. Then there is the garden waiting for nurturing handsContinue reading “EVERYDAY”


Caterpillar prowls the fruit laden blueberries a destructive threat to dreams of cobblers and pies Should I kill the butterfly? ~~~~ Linking with DAILY PROMPT:  ORIGIN STORY/BEGINNINGS and WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE:  FORESHADOW.   Happy Friday to you all and thank you for coming by. 🙂