How lovely it would be if the sun does not sleep on a cold winter’s day then everything looks so dreary and what’s to be bright winter white is turned into sullen grey The mist is all around and I can’t help but be afraid that somewhere, there resides a phantom waiting,  waiting to grab Continue reading “WINTER WISH”


CROCUS Upon the humble crocus rests the mighty task to proclaim the start of spring as winter passed. For WPC:  Beginning,  I am sharing a couple of pictures of crocuses that I took last spring.  Whenever I see Crocus leaves peeking out of the dirt,  I know that spring begins. Kindly check out the linksContinue reading “WPC: BEGINNING”


There’s not quite the beauty as beautiful as the remains of an ice storm that had boughs thick with crystals showing off starlights winking at the sun. What miracle turns this grey and bitter cold into an exquisite consolation only the Creator knows. Soon the vision will fade revealing once more plain old world, bare,Continue reading “AFTER THE STORM”


SHAMISEN In the corner of a busy street and the public square she strummed her shamisen inviting the harried passerby to live in another time. Who heeds the call of her three-stringed guitar everyone is hurrying after his own star with those few moments in his hand could he even dare spare a second toContinue reading “WPC: COMMUNITY”


Speak to me in silence Life indwelling in my soul teach me the ways of heaven that I will be made whole. Call me when I am lost and put  me back on the road that leads  to my heart’s desire- repose in the arms of God. ~~~~~ Today we will go on a longContinue reading “DAILY POST: CONTEMPLATION”


I heard it the opening notes of Ode to Joy and I walked, tracing the sound my feet as though growing wings with each step the music lifted me up bit by bit until I lose sense of my ground and my soul floats into the heavens rides the waves of joy and sorrow failureContinue reading “UPON HEARING ODE TO JOY”


Children will play with anything from dirt to bugs to expensive toys each one is special gives its own kind of fun especially when it is in his brother’s hands and then you can be sure the value of the toys appreciates faster than stocks in a bullish market There will be screaming and cryingContinue reading “DAILY POST: PLAY”


Soldier on, weary soul who knows what you’ll find around the bend – hope for broken hearts rest for your aching  limbs. Then walk on once more with new resolve until your exile is done and you are once again in your eternal home. ~~~~ One autumn day, I chanced upon our neighbors moving theContinue reading “WPC: UNEXPECTED”


Love is not for the faint of heart not for one scared to be a part of existence beyond one’s own self ruling as kings on their throne Lovers ought to know from the start love is not for the faint of heart not for the one afraid of pain and so shields his heartContinue reading “LOVE IS NOT”