One  acorn nut dangling from its  tree gives me hope for the future. A life is a seed waiting to be Patience! the oak took years to be a mighty tree. An acorn cannot be anything but an oak tree Each seed is what it is made to be. ~~~ We spent part of LaborContinue reading “POEMS INSIDE AN ACORN”

BUTTERFLY WINGS (for Travel Theme: Edge)

The sun is mellow in the morning breeze The tinkle of the piano flavors the breakfast feast Coffee drips black gold into the pot It is a glorious day by all accounts I will sail free on my borrowed wings soak in the joys that a new day brings. ~~~~ For Ailsa’s Travel Theme, IContinue reading “BUTTERFLY WINGS (for Travel Theme: Edge)”


  Angel of death don’t you ever tire sowing discord making wars too many have rallied to your cause for what? for what? for a measly piece of this world earthly dominion oppression of a soul what joy what joy is there in someone’s fall? Do you sleep quiet at night or hide from itsContinue reading “FRAYED ANGEL OF DEATH (for WPC: Fray)”


Ah! Bountiful garden you left me no room for idle wondering. When we came home from our two-week vacation last Wednesday, we were greeted with ripening tomatoes and peppers. The weather had been good during our absence. Rain came once a week. Immediately, I harvested the ripe fruits. That same afternoon, overcome by excitement, IContinue reading “GENEROUS GARDEN”

MORNING DEW (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)

The Angels tossed kisses on the grass last night while the moon bathed the ground with its silvery light and while the world was asleep God gathered them all and strung them into gems to wrap His gift of a new dawn. The other night, our family camped in my in-laws backyard.  The sun floodingContinue reading “MORNING DEW (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)”

FIRST AUTUMN LEAF (for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge)

Leaves are turning leaves are turning summer’s fading fast autumn’s peeking autumn’s marching how quickly time had passed. ~~~ This is a late participant to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:  Metal / Fall. Happy week to you all. God bless you. 🙂


Abandoned roses flowering by the roadside child of Providence unadorned faces vagaries of life revealed truth is beauty Where roses flourish even the loneliest place cannot be too bad. ~~~ It is a delight to see roses anywhere. I found this rose bush growing wild in a vacant city lot. Perhaps, at one time, somebodyContinue reading “ABANDONED ROSES”