Stolid grass watched over the wealth under its care while the winds drove the carefree adventurer away time had abandoned this wilderness as it’s always been a welcoming bosom for the weary of heart and limb trudging the solitary path, he alone could take accompanied by pallid clouds shedding mournful tears to soften the earthContinue reading “RESTING PLACE”


The lure of the stars she could resist no more she unfolded her wings and set out to fly though strong arms pinned her to the floor. “The journey’s dangerous, stay where you are” to their pleading voices, she learned to reply the lure of the stars she could resist no more. Towards   gatheringContinue reading “FREEDOM”


Words built her a prison where walls are mirrors distorting the reflections of her own soul. Long has she languished in half-truths, fear, even shame drowning in  despair will she see light again?  When tired of being oppressed she’ll fight to be free as  a butterfly in a cocoon she’ll burst forth and spread herContinue reading “BUTTERFLY”


Consider the leaf or the dandelion wisp floating in the air, dancing in the breeze after they let go of the shackles that anchored them to the earth Would that a soul detached from wordly cares soar to the heavens as if on angel wings free from the burden of life’s vanities it  finds itsContinue reading “CONSIDER THE LEAF”


The musky moon melted into the clouds envious of the lovers’ lips and liberties entwined as passion punctuated the passing night they threaded time in their fevered hands. Freely did they let freedom fly to find its home – hearts that have and hold, and hope in love lasting longer than their lives allowed. ~~~~~Continue reading “ENTWINED”