Any room would have been fine by her big or small, even if there were only curtains to shield her from everyone’s eyes, or even when the place was a sty. She was sure that she could make the room look pretty. She wanted her privacy. Nobody understood – “A contrarian with princess-y airs,” theyContinue reading “A ROOM OF HER OWN”

Chasing a Poem

She lied in wait in the shadows of dreams for the words that escaped her waking hours. She’d capture her vision with her pen bleeding the images on paper, a shroud extolling the features of the dead. Birds sang, flowers bloomed, the world turned, while she chased the elusive words. ~~~~ For Magpie Tales.  PleaseContinue reading “Chasing a Poem”

ROMEO AND JULIET (The Necessity of a Map App)

Oh, what tragedy! It all started with a little sketch drawn by Juliet of their apartment. On her handkerchief, she drew the landmarks and the street for Romeo to find her window on the night of their escape She also wrote, “Climb the ladder to the third floor on the rails you’ll find a bicycleContinue reading “ROMEO AND JULIET (The Necessity of a Map App)”


I capture the present and sear it in memory not some image of glory, past or hoped for that lurks in your mind. I want life happening your face, its canvas telling a story through the lines and colors splattered all about you beauty, unadorned truth “hurts.” I see the look in your eyes tearsContinue reading “PHOTOGRAPHER”


I looked over her shoulder to see the note I delivered upon the request of our mutual friend I was restless with anticipation – our friend would surely break the news that love found me at last  that weekend I visited home. There was no excitement in my friend’s smile. Instead she pulled away andContinue reading “THE MESSAGE”