“Each man is a half-open door leading to a room for everyone.” ~ from Half-Finished Heaven by Tomas Transtromer   To each is given an immortal soul What is man to deserve such grace? He is blessed beyond measure even if he is at a loss with his gift. He considers his world with half-openContinue reading “CONTEMPLATION”

PATINA (A Quadrille)

My skin crunches* to the touch like withered petals pressed in a book aged and well loved. Its bronze has lost its luster. Its softness wears the patina bequeathed by time. But knowledge flows in my veins wisdom powers my bones and I am.   ~~~~~~~ For DVERSE’s Quadrille prompt – Crunch, courtesy of Whimzygizmo.Continue reading “PATINA (A Quadrille)”


Night Washed by Rain, glows in The street lights, Turns A dreary day to A magical moment. Darkness retreats before joy Hope sings to the rhythm of rain Blessed Silence calms the restless dreams When morning comes, my heart is new again. The horizon lights up in golden hues Shadows dissipate into nothing My eyesContinue reading “THANKSGIVING”


Once I was a child staring in wonder into the night to see my shooting star to which I would confide my heart’s prayer What beautiful gem is a child’s prayer Its innocence is itself a wonder sparkling as brightly as the brightest star. Alas! a shooting star is never a star It never hadContinue reading “SHOOTING STAR”


  Surrounded by beauty, their eyes craved what they thought they were denied. Human hearts are ne’er satisfied. For them, God cried. For them, God cried. From Eden, they were cast away. What lot for hearts that went astray – to bear sorrow in all their days. For hope, they pray. For hope, they pray.Continue reading “ADAM AND EVE”

AUTUMN DANCE (A Quadrille)

On butterfly wings and chariots pulled by swans fairies gather for an autumn dance How tree limbs creak under the weight of fairies picking leaves to adorn their skirts Dressed in colors they flirt with  the wind graceful and radiant to the very end. “Creak” is the word this week for DVerse Poets’ Pub’s QuadrilleContinue reading “AUTUMN DANCE (A Quadrille)”


No one could have been happier than me last Sunday afternoon when we went to a park for our family’s usual Sunday walk.  I spied a rather big pond while we were looking for a parking slot.  As soon as I could, I begged my leave to go to the pond (with my toddler inContinue reading “A SWAN LAKE IN AUTUMN”


Mist blankets the sleeping river like the veil to a bride that shelters her mystery against vulgar eyes. River wakes and yields her shadows to the light breaking through her still waters to draw out the beauty within. Colors burst above and below. Reflections multiply the glow of an autumn day while the river sighs.Continue reading “AUTUMN RIVER”