Love comes softly like a leaf in the wind Have you the time to linger and listen to the whisperings of a heart, waking to the beauty it once only imagined? Have you the time to linger and listen In the simplest gestures, love is speaking. To the beauty it once only imagined, the soulContinue reading “LOVE COMES SOFTLY”


I have sung all the lullabies I know. I have told and re-told his favorite stories. My voice is tired, my eyelids droop, and still, my toddler wiggles and squiggles in my arms. He would not sleep. I pray a silent prayer, he pokes my lips driving his little finger against my teeth. My disapprovingContinue reading “A LULLABY NIGHT”


~~~~ Once upon a mirror I asked this question – “Do I look beautiful?” Caught off-guard, it replied, “Is this a trap, dear Matron?” Still it obliged, showed a face one with grey head and facial lines “That could not be me!” I said. “How can you possibly lie?” I have plumper lips and rosierContinue reading “WOMAN IN THE MIRROR”


See in the caterpillar the butterfly it becomes. See hope wash away despondence. Let children be children becoming their calling. Who’s served when pupae are pushed out of their chrysalis to fly? Grace comes neither too early nor too late but just in time.   ~~~ Linking with DVERSE’s Quadrille prompt.  Kim wants us toContinue reading “PATIENCE”


  The mind is the womb where poems die making the soul an eternal lamentation exorcising the scent of death. From the mouth blooms a song, others may call sweet though its underbelly harbors a bitter taste. Hands wave conjuring art, deconstructed some would say “it’s grotesque.” Sooner than soon voices chorus “who’s to judge?”Continue reading “A MEDITATION ON A TRUTH”


Her fragrance was one I could only dream of when I was young. Though the smell of Ylang-ylang and Rosal, more popularly known as Gardenia, infused the air around me, still I longed for the scent of a rose. Yes, roses grew in our area, but they did not have that rose smell that IContinue reading “THE SCENT OF A ROSE”


Silence is the sanctuary of my soul. It is the shell that turns sand into a pearl. Within its confines, words lose meaning and become the ripples that disturb the serene surface. How lovely is this silence. How fragile is the stillness. I hide and burrow deeper in its comforts. From within, I see theContinue reading “AN ANATOMY OF SILENCE”


Sunsets sing my sorrows Tender my heart beats Under the glow of distant stars visions of you make me long for the old home when I was young and just dreaming of now. My thoughts cross the oceans to be with you again. Written for Lillian’s Dverse Poets’ Pub’s Meeting the Bar prompt – AnContinue reading “IMMIGRANT”


  Crickets chirped in the moon-kissed night The ticking minutes wore down my spirits The bed creaked, the sheets swished Where? Oh, where was sleep? Cars rolled down the city street; the freight train honked. Weren’t they beat from plying through daytime’s heat? And here I tossed and here I turned envious of the snoringContinue reading “INSOMNIA”