JUMP! (For WPC: Adventure)

In early June of this year, Dover-Foxcroft, ME held its first Balloon Festival. My family went to the fairgrounds for a day of fun. There were train rides and pony rides for children, a gigantic balloon being inflated, an Owl presentation, helicopter rides, among others. One of the highlight of the day was sky diving.Continue reading “JUMP! (For WPC: Adventure)”


One  acorn nut dangling from its  tree gives me hope for the future. A life is a seed waiting to be Patience! the oak took years to be a mighty tree. An acorn cannot be anything but an oak tree Each seed is what it is made to be. ~~~ We spent part of LaborContinue reading “POEMS INSIDE AN ACORN”

INDIFFERENCE (for DVerse Poets)

  I went to search for beauty in the fields nearby walked past the daisies and the butterflies over yellow clover into the pond where algea bloomed and a single swan swam. Seeing familiar sights I returned with empty hands. ~~~ For DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar prompt, Brian wants the community to write a poemContinue reading “INDIFFERENCE (for DVerse Poets)”