If I could stand before the world coax music out of reeds not be bothered about the crowd who cares not for the gift I give I am brave If I could handle the scorn that the world inspires within calm down the raging storm let out from my wounds a healing song IContinue reading “MUSIC MAN (for WPC: ADMIRATION)”


The waters shimmer as they rush to the shore where sun-baked children embrace them with glee seagulls screech while fighting for crumbs tossed skywards and out toward the sea A woman hides under her floppy hat her paperback romance is all she would see.   ~~~ For DVerse’s Quadrille #6  prompt


On fine August days the beaches are full of bodies seeking refuge from everyday. There they dream of fairy tales and such and build castles though they know the sea will sweep them away. Yet they build again and again with laughter in their tears. And they hope. Life – they learn. There, on aContinue reading “WPC: LANDSCAPE”

COMING HOME (WPC: Happy Place)

I was a nomad wandering from dream to dream living life with neither anchor nor chains until I found your arms then I  wondered no more why birds, born free, would fold their wings for a humble nest in an obscure tree. There, in your embrace, I knew I’ve been searching for my place to loveContinue reading “COMING HOME (WPC: Happy Place)”

LITTLE THINGS (for WPC: Achievement)

  I wash the dishes prepare our food do the laundry fold our  clothes scrub the toilets polish the floor kiss my husband before he heads out the door I change diapers kiss my children’s wounds teach them their ABCs tell them to be good I play their games hug them tight tuck them intoContinue reading “LITTLE THINGS (for WPC: Achievement)”


  Friends are life’s flowers bringing  summertime when winter is darkest. I wish to say thank you to bloggy friends who have shown love to this blog through awards.  I appreciate the honor and kindness a lot.  However, I am so poor at writing about myself  (i.e., thinking of things to tell about myself) thatContinue reading “FRIENDS ARE FLOWERS”