The old path offers nothing new. I have been in this place several times before. Still,  I have to be careful – between the network of exposed tree roots, the steep terrain, and the narrowness of the path – I could not afford to not pay attention. I am here to walk and to spendContinue reading “ORDINARY MIRACLES”


Build a home Layer by layer First of love Then prayer Make the pillar strong Roof stable To shelter Offspring to love born Helpless souls blessing home With graces untold Years go by Fledglings fly In the empty nest Life goes on.   WPC:  DELTA  

SUMMER (A Haibun)

My children run barefoot on the grass, their skin aglow from the sultry heat. Yelling and screaming, they chase each other, and when they tire, they turn on the faucet and spray each other with water from the hose. The driveway glistens, the grass soaks up the run-off water, and the roses drink of theContinue reading “SUMMER (A Haibun)”


Now we are here, in time and space, experiencing a moment unfold, then we are gone to our next destination. We are tourists seeing only what time allows. Then we go home and the world goes on, changing each moment. Yet we dare hope for things that last in this world that begins and endsContinue reading “TRANSIENTS”


“By a voice he saith: Hear me, ye divine offspring, and bud forth as the rose planted by the brooks of waters. [18] Give ye a sweet odour as frankincense. [19] Send forth flowers, as the lily, and yield a smell, and bring forth leaves in grace, and praise with canticles, and bless the LordContinue reading “A ROSE BY THE LIVING WATERS”


I am a hundred faces staring at me Unlike Narcissus, I am not thrilled by what I see Somehow, the faces are familiar and strange all are distorted, even grotesquely so – and their eyes, their eyes are accusing, sad, amused, angry – all at once Could that be me on the mirror? who amContinue reading “HALL OF MIRRORS”


There – when I could barely make a step when all of me screamed of tiredness meandering unsure of my path wary of each little sound coming from the woods – the rustle of leaves the startled cry of birds – I saw a daisy wild and alone blooming right on the road rocky andContinue reading “DAISY ON THE ROAD (WPC: The Road Taken)”


yellow roses on the teacups waiting to come alive with conversation and stories as only friends can have but where are the friends who come and visit had  time erased them one by one the roses faded into the crazed porcelain until friendly hands caress and bring them to life again. ~~~ I bought these piecesContinue reading “ROSES ON TEACUPS”