The song of summer rises With the waves rolling by Ascending and descending As seagulls flying high The wind whistles the tune Floating from sea to shore And lays it down gently At a sandcastle’s door Staccato laughter skip In the electric air Playing the symphony Of a day, blessed and fair. Frank challenges theContinue reading “SUMMER SONG”


Summer, soft on its skin Shimmers, golden sunshine Snared, glows in the petals Starred with velvet brown eyes. Sonorous breeze courts her Seductive dance, my arms Spellbound, embrace her charms. I think that a sunflower is a study in texture.  The softness of the petals contrasts with the bumpy center and rough, even prickly sepals.Continue reading “SUNFLOWERS (WPC: Textures)”


Weary feet Plod on grassy paths Oblivious Of the world they have seen so many times Jaded, their spring dies Wild Lily Flirting with the breeze Captivates Tepid eyes Drink deeply of loveliness And sighs at such bliss.   These flowers are Turk’s Cap Lilies that I found growing in Sweets Knoll State Park, Dighton,Continue reading “SATISFACTION”


Sunday afternoons bring our family to a State Park for our weekly walk. Last Sunday, my husband drove us to Sweets Knoll State Park in Dighton. That the park had access to the Taunton River made all of us excited to visit it. As soon as we got to the path to the woods, theContinue reading “THROUGH THE WOODS, INTO THE RIVER”


A Lesson from St. Mary Magdalene  When Love finds you grab His hands and do not let go When Love finds you empty yourself, love will renew your soul, shining with heaven’s glow, Into Calvary will follow When Love finds you. ~~~ A poem written to remember my patron saint on her feast day, JulyContinue reading “WHEN LOVE FINDS YOU”

WATER LILIES (A Quadrille)

    On the river lilies of summer bloom velvety clusters shimmering on a July afternoon like flickering stars reflected in the dark waters they make constellations as those in the heavens as the world turns they sink in their horizon only to be forever gone DVerse is back with a Quadrille! The word isContinue reading “WATER LILIES (A Quadrille)”


Feeling a raindrop, the droopy leaf Expelled a sigh of deep relief And stretched forth its palms As a beggar begs his alms As raindrops pooled on its skin It bid the bugs to drink and swim And the raindrop lit up and glistened while it let the sunshine in only to scatter the lightContinue reading “AFTER THE RAINS”


Plump Balloon flower buds ready to become stars glowing purple in the garden. Their dream stood no chance against eager little hands squeezing the pop out of the blossoms. Perhaps, it is not the flowers but the exploding giggles that are the real treasure.   ~~~~ My children look forward to Balloon Flowers.  They justContinue reading “BALLOON FLOWERS”


  BRIDGE Because love suffocates behind closed walls, it dares bare its very soul and brave heartaches so love can bridge the barriers fear built among hearts and bring healing Grace to all. ***** The poem is a pleiades, essentially a poem with seven lines that begins with the same letter and  with six syllablesContinue reading “AN OLD COUNTRY FOOTBRIDGE”