Sunsets sing my sorrows Tender my heart beats Under the glow of distant stars visions of you make me long for the old home when I was young and just dreaming of now. My thoughts cross the oceans to be with you again. Written for Lillian’s Dverse Poets’ Pub’s Meeting the Bar prompt – AnContinue reading “IMMIGRANT”


You said I cannot catch a rainbow. Rainbows are for fairies and leperchauns. Someone as ordinary as me does not stand a chance to lure a rainbow into my hands. But I know something enchanted folks don’t – Rainbows are children of Rain and Sun and I can stand under the rain and I canContinue reading “TO CATCH A RAINBOW”


  Crickets chirped in the moon-kissed night The ticking minutes wore down my spirits The bed creaked, the sheets swished Where? Oh, where was sleep? Cars rolled down the city street; the freight train honked. Weren’t they beat from plying through daytime’s heat? And here I tossed and here I turned envious of the snoringContinue reading “INSOMNIA”


  Roaring Atlantic hammers against ancient rocks splintering like glass Enduring rocks stand holding back the raging sea sculpture in progress Hungry seagulls scream above the roiling waters swooping down for crumbs earth, water, and air playing nature’s symphony tourists stand in awe For  Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads’ Weekend Mini Challenge:  At the SeasideContinue reading “ACADIA IMPRESSIONS”


  Fly high, young bird. Your hour has come. Let fall a feather to remember you by – free and exultant in the summer skies. Faith be on your wings, and perseverance, too favorable winds will not always be for you Forge ahead though fear engulfs your heart fortune kisses him who does not giveContinue reading “FLEDGLING”


Daisies bobbing in the meadows warblers swaying in the reeds kites soaring to the heavens sunshine pouring on the fields set up the summer stage and spirits dancing with the wind. Crickets chirping on the grass leaves rustling in the breeze birdsongs wafting from the treetops river gurgling as it streams play a summer symphonyContinue reading “SUMMER”


The sweetness of summer dripped from my chin Juicy mangoes with their golden skin whose fragrance coated the humid air what temptation for a child to bear plump fruits dangling from a neighbor’s tree so worth the neighbor’s chase and my scraped knee.   ~~~~ Summer will always remind me of mangoes whose golden flavorContinue reading “SUMMER TREAT”


No star twinkles, no moon beams in the night of the soul. No melody plays in the vacuous halls but those ominous tune that rattles bones. Through a veil, eyes see flowers wilting and leaves falling, falling, falling. All that beauty gone gone to nothing. Nothing. There is nothing except the burden of minutes tickingContinue reading “DESPAIR”


Pebbles and cobbles pinecones and sticks, these are treasures a little boy keeps. He would teeter and totter walking forested paths, he holds them more tightly closer to his heart. Then, at night, before he sleeps he counts the treasures his little heart keeps. The poem is inspired by my boys who love to pickContinue reading “TREASURES”