I found myself with some extra time last Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  My in-laws were here, and so was my husband who had no work that day.  I used my little vacation to play with the camera.  Since it is the middle of winter and there are hardly any pretty things to photographContinue reading “WPC: JUXTAPOSITION”


In the basement, cold and dark a mighty and evil dragon lurked against him, warriors in battle armor were arrayed coming  from all races, they united to vanquish the monster once and for all whose fiery breath had taken its toll upon the world cursed with this menace from its wings hovered a death sentence.Continue reading “A GAME”


Just because I love teapots, I had to find out what Googlism has to say about them… 🙂 Porcelain teapot is …. Porcelain teapot is made from porcelain Porcelain teapot is enhanced by hand Porcelain teapot is handcrafted by artisans in a socially and environmentally responsible manner in Thailand porcelain teapot is entirely relief moldedContinue reading “THE PORCELAIN TEAPOT”