Someone lost a shoe while hiking in the woods I do not know how he continued, walking over gnarled roots and pebbles. Did he step on a worm or on a slug; or a deer or a bug? What scared him so to leave his shoe behind? A troll or a bear? A chipmunk orContinue reading “A TALE OF A HIKING SHOE”


Do we even see the same person? You see someone beautiful I see one beyond her prime (who kind of looks like a crone). You get mad that I disagree How can you belie those many eyes who have judged her face her person to be less than perfect? She carried the sting of manyContinue reading “YOUR EYES”


  EACH YEAR Each year, the grass creeped a little closer the branches grew a little longer It seemed the lawnmower became a little weaker the chainsaw a little duller the farmer napped a little longer on the chair by the window he watched mildew invade the once pristine walls the fields disappear into hayContinue reading “ABANDONED NUMBERS (for WPC: NUMBERS)”

MY VOICE IS A BROKEN VIOLIN (for WPC: Express Yourself)

  My voice is a broken violin that is playing out of tune its discordant chords echo within the bounds of an empty room. Often I dreamed I have the power to put the notes in my command make the world weep or exalt with the music from my hands. Alas! my wish is butContinue reading “MY VOICE IS A BROKEN VIOLIN (for WPC: Express Yourself)”


My old crochet project – the one featured here – is finally done.  I know, I need to take a picture of it and post it here as promised. 🙂  Just before its completion, I started to crochet what is meant to be an edging for an altar cloth.  I knew I still had aContinue reading “WPC: NEW”

A TEAPOT AND SUCH (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Blue)

Cee’s challenge gives me the opportunity to showcase two of my favorite things: teapots and fine china, and roses.  I have always found pictures of fine china in a garden setting quite charming and dreamy.   I thought of following through with that inspiration  to capture the beauty of vintage crockery and the roses that areContinue reading “A TEAPOT AND SUCH (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Blue)”

OLD RED TRAIN STATION (for WPC: Endurance and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings)

I shuttered time inside my walls sealed my memories in a vacuum that they remain pure, unadulterated by the fetid air that swirls and erases everything that was then rewrites its story. How long could I stand the tides that weather my bones? Oblivion knocks on my door. The world shifts ever away from myContinue reading “OLD RED TRAIN STATION (for WPC: Endurance and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings)”


  The thread is familiar.   I know how No. 20 Crochet Thread, the one by Aunt Lydia,  feels like.  I know, too, how it would feel and look like when worked by a Size 10 crochet needle.  I’ve been working on this project, a filet table cloth with peacock motif, on and off for aboutContinue reading “MY CROCHET PROJECT (for WPC: Texture)”

ENNUI (for DVerse Poets)

Dirge flowed from her violin dark clouds pooled in her heart some mean spirit stole her metronome she only hears her body’s clock sounding the call of her passing dreams – the Love that will complete her heart a babe cradled in her arms for whom she’ll sacrifice her art. Oh how she wished toContinue reading “ENNUI (for DVerse Poets)”