Ah, Roses. They come in so many shapes and sizes. The very word evokes images as distinct as the person thinking of a Rose. Yet, when one sees a flower, he will immediately recognize a rose for the way its petals curve and curl, for its velvet softness, for its leaves, for its thorns. HappyContinue reading “ROSES IN BLACK AND WHITE”

BUTTERFLY WINGS (for Travel Theme: Edge)

The sun is mellow in the morning breeze The tinkle of the piano flavors the breakfast feast Coffee drips black gold into the pot It is a glorious day by all accounts I will sail free on my borrowed wings soak in the joys that a new day brings. ~~~~ For Ailsa’s Travel Theme, IContinue reading “BUTTERFLY WINGS (for Travel Theme: Edge)”


  The thread is familiar.   I know how No. 20 Crochet Thread, the one by Aunt Lydia,  feels like.  I know, too, how it would feel and look like when worked by a Size 10 crochet needle.  I’ve been working on this project, a filet table cloth with peacock motif, on and off for aboutContinue reading “MY CROCHET PROJECT (for WPC: Texture)”


This is what I think art is and what I demand of it: that it pull everyone in, that it show one person another’s most intimate thoughts and feelings, that it throw open the window of the soul. ~ Felix Mendelssohn Art is the window to man’s soul. Without it, he would never be ableContinue reading “WPC: WINDOWS”


How lovely it would be if the sun does not sleep on a cold winter’s day then everything looks so dreary and what’s to be bright winter white is turned into sullen grey The mist is all around and I can’t help but be afraid that somewhere, there resides a phantom waiting,  waiting to grab Continue reading “WINTER WISH”


Speak to me in silence Life indwelling in my soul teach me the ways of heaven that I will be made whole. Call me when I am lost and put  me back on the road that leads  to my heart’s desire- repose in the arms of God. ~~~~~ Today we will go on a longContinue reading “DAILY POST: CONTEMPLATION”