For this challenge, I am sharing some photos of students in between classes. The pictures were taken in December. I was getting winter tired by then and did not have the spunk to post photos that had to do with snow. Considering that the temperatures hereabouts are already starting to sizzle, I thought that theContinue reading “UNDER THE FALLING SNOW (for WPC: Off Season)”


He loved his baby brother at first sight in that hospital room where we waited for the family to visit. He held his brother with as much care as his two year old arms could give. He was fascinated by the tiny body squirming out of his lap. How much fun they have growing upContinue reading “BOND OF BROTHERS (WPC: Depth)”


Sculpted glass glittering beauty cold heart  We’re expecting a big snow storm today, one that is expected to drop 20-30 inches of snow.  January is making up for all the snow winter has missed so far.   With all that snow, flood will greet us when spring comes.   Those of you in the north east, stayContinue reading “FROZEN”

MY VOICE IS A BROKEN VIOLIN (for WPC: Express Yourself)

  My voice is a broken violin that is playing out of tune its discordant chords echo within the bounds of an empty room. Often I dreamed I have the power to put the notes in my command make the world weep or exalt with the music from my hands. Alas! my wish is butContinue reading “MY VOICE IS A BROKEN VIOLIN (for WPC: Express Yourself)”


Serenity is a butterfly flying on wings broken and torn or  the sparrows  flolicking through sun, or snow, or storm. Could it be the elderly lady who lives next door and carries the weight of old age with poise and good humor? Ah, it must be a child untouched by worldly cares and still wrappedContinue reading “SERENITY IS (WPC: Serenity)”


My old crochet project – the one featured here – is finally done.  I know, I need to take a picture of it and post it here as promised. 🙂  Just before its completion, I started to crochet what is meant to be an edging for an altar cloth.  I knew I still had aContinue reading “WPC: NEW”