ORCHIDS for TRAVEL THEME: International Women’s Day

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, AILSA prompts us to post pictures that honor women or remind us of special women in our lives. I wanted to post rose pictures knowing that most, if not all women, love roses. Then, I realized that where I came from, there were more orchids than roses. There wasContinue reading “ORCHIDS for TRAVEL THEME: International Women’s Day”

ADELFA for CEE’s Fun Photo Challenge

My spring countdown continues with this flower post… 🙂 Cee’s challenge this week is any color we want.  I chose pink – for the Adelfa that I saw in Roger Williams Conservatory during our anniversary outing.  This flower is special to me – we had a tall plant when I was growing up.  It remindedContinue reading “ADELFA for CEE’s Fun Photo Challenge”


Little drops of snow filling autumn’s landscape you leave dusk aglow with your chaste starry shape. Your soft golden core glows gently in the sun like a smile so pure you cheer the lonely one. But how could your beauty be sullied by that stench that only the humble bee drinks deeply of your scent?Continue reading “OH! LITTLE DAISY”


I especially like Ailsa’s travel theme this week – Flowers.  I like taking pictures of flowers and I collected an album-ful of them during our Philippine trip.  How handy is it to have a reason to upload photos not simply for my own indulgence but also as a response to a challenge.  The latter removesContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: FLOWERS”


Summer came at last nature unfurled its colors I cowered inside. I wrote this little piece way back in June when the temperatures soared to the 90s and humidity was high.  I complained about the heat and complained bitterly. I sought solace in front of the electric fans that worked day and night and whichContinue reading “SUMMER”


So, after almost 21 hours of flying, we are with our Philippine folks.  We are still jetlagged but we are getting better.  Through my mental and sleep fog, I checked the garden and found, with some disappointment, that most of the flowering plants and orchids were gone.  The driftwood where the orchids were attached wereContinue reading “PRETTY VANDA”