My day begins and ends attending to my baby.  In between, I am busy taking care of the needs of a rather large family of seven:  feeding, schooling, refereeing four bickering boys, and meeting their demands.   There are dishes to clean, clothes to wash and fold, a house to straighten up.  On a goodContinue reading “JUST AN ORDINARY LIFE”


Morning is beautiful not for the sun lighting up the grey sky nor for the dew glittering like diamonds on gossamer gowns It is beautiful not for the songs that break the silence of the night accompanied by the beats of wings raring to take flight No. Even when there are no such delights MorningContinue reading “MORNING IS BEAUTIFUL”

MORNING DEW (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)

The Angels tossed kisses on the grass last night while the moon bathed the ground with its silvery light and while the world was asleep God gathered them all and strung them into gems to wrap His gift of a new dawn. The other night, our family camped in my in-laws backyard.  The sun floodingContinue reading “MORNING DEW (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)”


It is hard to believe that it is summer here in Maine where we are right now. At night, I long for the sweater that I did not bring with me. In the morning, I was looking for the sunrise that normally wakes us up at 5:00 a.m. in the thick mist hides the surroundingContinue reading “RAINDROPS (B&W)”


The cracked earth hissed at the touch of rain, dust rose like smoke from the ground. The musk of loam hang heavy in the air while heat trapped the breath in our lungs. Thunder rumbled in the distance and rattled the walls of our house The rain that fell through holes in the roof weContinue reading “MEMORIES OF A TROPICAL RAIN (for DVERSE and Poetry Jam)”


Heaven’s splendor stars, melted, on the ground Night’s gift to Day. Dawn diffusing light smile opening  sleepy eyes glorious beginnings.   ~~~ For more GOOD MORNINGS, please visit the Weekly Photo Challenge. 🙂   Thank you for coming by.  I hope you have a pleasant day. 🙂


For this Weekly Photo Challenge – FOCUS, I wish to share these two sets of photographs which were taken by different cameras. The pictures of the dew drops were macros I took of the dew on the grass blades one morning. The photographs are from the same real life scene, a blade of grass withContinue reading “WPC: FOCUS”