We sow memories in a pumpkin field while walking on the dirt to find the one pumpkin – unblemished, round, hallow, and big enough to carve into jack-o-lantern We will put candles inside its belly its face will glow and watch those passing by with eyes ablaze with mischief; the pointy teeth announcing the impContinue reading “PICKING PUMPKINS”


  It is an October morning sunbeams filter through the boughs dew-laden grass glisten inviting me to touch their diamond-tipped blades with my bare feet the hum of birds shield against the morning rush but there I was behind closed doors and glass panes working to be the sunbeam and dew for those I love.

AUTUMN QUEEN (for WPC: Monochromatic)

The Queen comes on the wings of a summer’s day unheard, unseen, she marches to her throne yet the breeze pays homage to her regal steps with kisses tempering the sun’s fiery glow. Sprites wake from their slumber and spray the woods with rubies and gold while fruits ripen and perfume the air with aContinue reading “AUTUMN QUEEN (for WPC: Monochromatic)”