PLAYING WITH FIRE (for WPC: Nighttime)

I do not know what it is with boys but they like fire. They like things that go ka-BOOM! They like fireworks (even though they were deathly scared of its sound when they were very little). When they learned that fireworks are legal in Maine and that one fireworks shop opened along the highway, theyContinue reading “PLAYING WITH FIRE (for WPC: Nighttime)”

MOTHER (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

They wove violets and daisies on my hair saying, “You are quite  beautiful and fair” what sweet words for the one who cleans their mess servant and queen, the life of  a mother. I am writing for Bjorn’s DVERSE’ promot – Rub’ai and Rubayiat.  It’s been awhile since I participated in the Pub prompts.   SchoolContinue reading “MOTHER (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)”

TEA TIME (For WPC: Contrast and Travel Theme: World Cups)

This is my favorite ride in Fun Town Splash Town Park in Saco, ME. No, I do not ride, but I like its aesthetics best. I think the idea of people being served inside the cups, this time, is quite amusing. Inside, they experience an actual tempest in a teapot. It was for me theContinue reading “TEA TIME (For WPC: Contrast and Travel Theme: World Cups)”

LOST (for Poetry Jam)

There was a father he loved his children he worked day and night to make their future certain They needed to have wealth so he believed that they would not suffer the poverty of his own childhood. His children asked for toys and treats “there’s no money,” he always complained, “for rainy days, they haveContinue reading “LOST (for Poetry Jam)”


They wrote their stories in the fields they farmed fields that disappeared with the passing of time their nipa houses that sat on stilts now long replaced by houses of cement and bricks. Nobody knew from where they came their past and their future paled to their now hollowing out life from the land toContinue reading “TO THE UNKNOWN FOREFATHER (for DVerse Poets)”


  One of the things I like best about spring is that it is much much easier to peel the children off their computer games and send them outdoors to play. Now that they are a little bigger, I do not have to constantly supervise them as they play in the backyard. I can watchContinue reading “WPC: ON THE MOVE”


The Weekly Photo Challenge is challenging the community to post about TREASURES. Meanwhile, DVERSE POETS PUB’s Poetics challenges the group to write a short and not-so-sweet love poetry that does not use common love languages. On the occasion of our 10th wedding anniversary, I am responding to both prompts with memories of that beautiful dayContinue reading “WPC: TREASURES”


For this challenge, I sought inspiration from my sons’ Skylanders characters.  I spent my free time last night posing these little dolls, ah, action figures.  I had fun like I never had with this action figures before (my children would sometimes  invite me to play but I get dizzy following the visuals so I giveContinue reading “WPC: OBJECT”


A day a year a life celebrated in the excited voices and pink buntings hanging from the ceiling. Princesses watch from the rafters holding the pink tapestry in place plastic smiles amused at the man all agog keeping dozens of candles lit over a purplish cake. All are in the memory box wrapped in colorfulContinue reading “PRESENT”


In the basement, cold and dark a mighty and evil dragon lurked against him, warriors in battle armor were arrayed coming  from all races, they united to vanquish the monster once and for all whose fiery breath had taken its toll upon the world cursed with this menace from its wings hovered a death sentence.Continue reading “A GAME”