Beyond these gates was an enchanted forest full of people having a grand time. Interesting folks inhabited the woods.  They filled it with music – death defying acts –  laughter and heroism and courage. It was a place to meet interesting people:  knights sweltering in late September heat – a queen and her ladies-in-waiting relaxingContinue reading “NOT YOUR USUAL FAIRE (WPC: Extraordinary)”


We sow memories in a pumpkin field while walking on the dirt to find the one pumpkin – unblemished, round, hallow, and big enough to carve into jack-o-lantern We will put candles inside its belly its face will glow and watch those passing by with eyes ablaze with mischief; the pointy teeth announcing the impContinue reading “PICKING PUMPKINS”

SPRING CHILDREN (for Travel Theme: Youngsters)

dandelion sprays children picked for their mother beyond magical   I do not know what it is with dandelions, but my children just love them.  They pick up the blooms one by one and when their hands are full, they run screaming and proudly offer to me their bounty. 🙂  When that happens, I amContinue reading “SPRING CHILDREN (for Travel Theme: Youngsters)”


  Come, Spring. Come. Please do not delay filling the fields with bright daffodils to chase the gloom of winter away. Come, Spring. Come. Please do not delay your warm breath on dead hearts, we pray that soon the earth with praise and joy fills Come, Spring. Come. Please do not delay filling the fieldsContinue reading “THINKING OF SPRING (WPC: RULE OF THIRDS)”


He loved his baby brother at first sight in that hospital room where we waited for the family to visit. He held his brother with as much care as his two year old arms could give. He was fascinated by the tiny body squirming out of his lap. How much fun they have growing upContinue reading “BOND OF BROTHERS (WPC: Depth)”

LITTLE THINGS (for WPC: Achievement)

  I wash the dishes prepare our food do the laundry fold our  clothes scrub the toilets polish the floor kiss my husband before he heads out the door I change diapers kiss my children’s wounds teach them their ABCs tell them to be good I play their games hug them tight tuck them intoContinue reading “LITTLE THINGS (for WPC: Achievement)”