In August, the rain takes a break and gallivants
all over the world, gathering vapor
to complete itself

the yellowed grass sometimes sways in the breeze
like a satellite checking out the weather

ah, poor Zinnia could only bow her head
praying earnestly for a drop of water

while I sit in the shade -
helpless -
while I am squeezed
of all bits of moisture

Sometimes the skies tease
with grey clouds and the rumble of thunder

hope, like hot air, rises
only to dry up -
forecast rain is all fake news

still the garden waits
with baked earth and fat zucchini for her honored guest
A tongue-in-cheek piece inspired by DVERSE POETS' Poetics Prompt - Sometimes August Isn't Recognized - and linked with Open Link Night

14 thoughts on “AUGUST

    1. Maybe, becaue I have been absent for so long and I have not updated my app. I observed this in my reader, too. When I try to “like” a page, I could not press the button and I have to look for the follow icon on the blog page and click the “read on my reader” just so I can interact with the page.

      All’s well here. The heat wave has broken, so we are in more comfortable times.:-)

  1. It’s amazing how hot August has been so far. It hit over 100 degrees here but, the rain came and it was welcomed by the grass, flowers an trees and me. Your poem has captured an August day perfectly.

    1. Thanks, Truedessa. Our heat index did get in the hundreds, too. Now, we’re just in the 90’s, but good old pouring rain has been quite elusive.

  2. Imelda I had to laugh at the last part. No matter what, zucchini finds a way šŸ™‚ Hoping the rest of your floral beauties get some relief soon.

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