smurf copy

The days become a giant clock and I,
its moving hand, marking the hour
remembering the time, the same as
what is gone, the same
as what is to come. Days, hours
minutes fold into each other

indistinguishable. Perhaps, it is
all a trick of the mind – the walls
preserve life, the walls take away
life. Outside is as far as an arm stretched out
of the window, so within reach, so out of reach
are all those things I took for granted

in my solitude, everything has meaning
and everything means nothing.
Life seems a dream –
Am I awake or am I sleeping?


5 thoughts on “MUSINGS

  1. Lovely to see you again, Imelda. Lovely poem. I really like the last stanza. You can feel so much in solitude, yet you might not know what it all means. Hope you are doing well. Take care πŸ™‚

    1. Hi, Mabel. It’s been so long. Life has become busier hereabouts with homeschooling and all. I am glad to be able to update the blog once in a while (then disappear again). How about you? I hope you are doing well, too. 😊

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