Between 2 Trees 2


Dahlias stand upright against Autumn skies
long after the sunflowers have fallen;
Flowers have turned to fruits,
empty spaces grow in the garden.


Flowered teapots speak of happy days,
sit pretty in the cupboards
waiting for the day
steeped in friendship and reminiscence.


Voiceless faces roam the wilderness
drowning in words, seeking truth
heavy hearts seek solace in a drifting leaf
their shadows disappear in the mist


weary feet trace the path of meditation
beneath the weight of silence
they go in circles
seeking answers to unknown questions


My heart blooms pink on this October morn
awash with blush in the horizon
The sun rises -
even when the night seemed endless.

Here’s hoping that this piece meets the bar with Dverse’s Poets’ Cadralor poetry form prompt.


12 thoughts on “OCTOBER

  1. A wonderful poem for October. Really like how you painted the scene of autumn and the feelings that may unfold. Sounds like you are staying hopeful and optimistic this season – like how you mentioned ‘the sun rises even when the night seems endless’. Hope you are doing well, Imelda. I missed reading your poetry and lovely to see you have been posting again 🙂

  2. Good to read you Imelda. Love how you set the autumn mood with the opening stanza. This is a season of deep reflections on life as well.

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