This picture was taken in December 2019, after Christmas in Maine. Venus and the moon were both in the night sky. The night was so beautiful and crisp that I dared take a photo with my phone camera. The picture was grainy but I kept it to remember that extraordinary night.


A party of blue jays flew over my head
into the forest, going home for the night

I chase happiness flying with fresh wings
and dream of it well into the night

I ran here and there until the lights went out
Sitting by my window, I stared down the night

Stars glistened, the half moon smiled
night birds sang, what a peaceful night

quiet descended upon my spirit
I floated in the solitude of night

I only now see you in my dreams
The past comes back in the dark of night

That I could hold your hand again
My hand slipped into the emptiness of night

Moments by and by pass into oblivion
Light dawning breaks the hold of night


The first three couplets of this piece were written in the summer of 2019 after I surprised a band of blue jays in the yard. It was a happy moment and the inspiration for the title “Happiness”. I did not know how to proceed so I abandoned these lines until today. Perhaps, I needed things to happen in my life to find the next lines. I don’t think they fit with the original title though, but I can’t think of another one that is more suitable. So, Happiness it is.

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11 thoughts on “HAPPINESS

  1. SMiles We Received
    A Gift from my
    Sister of Special

    Bird Feed
    And For The
    First Time

    A Flock
    Of Blue Jays
    And So Many Other




    Winter Spring
    Snow Storms of Wings😊❄️

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