The counters are still empty
The cold floor is still clean
The sky is still grey –

The furnace wakes
sputtering and clanging as steam builds up.

I set the coffee to percolate

flour the counter
for the brioche dough prepared last night

to be kneaded and braided
and tucked in the pans
for one final rise.

Light spreads on the horizon
The children stir in their beds;

 I take my first sip of coffee
savoring the last bits of silence –

The day begins.


I wrote this for Grace’s Meeting the Bar prompt – Setting for DVerse Poets.  I am not sure this meets the bar, but I am certainly glad that I got to write somehow (one way or the other) and to participate in the prompts again.  I am also fairly certain of the joy of learning how to make bread after giving up on it decades ago because I could not proof yeast.  Learning somehow set me free as now, I can make my favorite breads. The one above is brioche which take hours and hours to make.

26 thoughts on “BEGINNING

  1. Your words brings your morning in the kitchen alive, I feel I am there.
    The cold floor, the temptation of baking happening, the morning coffee….
    You brought it all to life.


  2. I have returned as threatened — Poetry is the statement of power that sets the soul free, to be, exactly who you are — and in being just that, to introduce your truth to the world!..

  3. The morning peace is eloquently captured in this writing! I know the feeling of awakening to set up that magical brioche dough to the smell of rising coffee and sunshine.

  4. Reading your morning ritual was so relaxing. Congratulations on gaining mastery of bread proofing. The bread looks SO GOOD! I can imagine a little butter and a little honey on it. YUM!

    1. This pandemic, scary as it is, has offered opportunities for learning. I want to try making sourdough bread. I saw a recipe that required only flour, water, and salt that needed to be left overnight.

  5. I want to learn how to bake bread. I love the moment stillness, just going about your moments of silence, before kids and other stuff preoccupy you. Hope all is well. Take care Imelda.

    1. For me, the most crucial part was proofing the yeast. Once I learned it, I was able to make passable bread.

      Take care and stay safe as well. 🙂

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