This morning, yesterday’s snow glistened
under the rising sun, and autumn
berries bowed beneath their icy crown.

A cardinal from the treetop sang
filled with color the bare winterscape
my spirit danced to the glorious sound

From tree to tree, little sparrows chirped
the consecration of this new day;
Their carefree joy let no one usurp.

No amethyst skies may come my way
yet miracles are in the commonplace –
“May I have the heart to see them?” I pray.

Hello Friends,  I hope all of you are ok.  I am still here even if suffering from lack of creative inspiration.  🙂


12 thoughts on “THIS MORNING

  1. It is lovely to see you again, Imelda. Though you mentioned you aren’t feeling creative, this was a lovely poem from you. I like how you wrote about the birds chirping during even the coldest seasons. Sometimes this is the best sound we can hear on a cold and dreary day, or a dreary time that we are going through. Amethyst skies are always a treat…they don’t come by often.

    Beautiful photography. That first shot is such a great centred one of such a vibrant bird. Well done. Hope you are doing well and take care 🙂

    1. Hi, Mabel. Good to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well. Thanks always for the kind words. I am hoping to be more active than I have been. Life duties kept me occupied and without mental or physical energy for blogging. I can only hope that schedule here becomes more manageable so I can have sometime to be here. 😊

      1. It sounds like you got your priorities and know what matters to you, Imelda. I hope you got some rest and the blogging world will always be here. Take care of yourself 😊

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