The dips and arcs of a bumblebee’s flight

The curve of a blade of grass laden with dewdrops

The twirl of tendrils adorning pea and watermelon vines

My pen traces

Its gel ink glides

Smoothly tracing the lines and curls

Now a flower

Or a butterfly

Morphing into words

Building a poem

Until the once empty pages

Come alive with images

Ever a poor facsimile

Of the beauty that inspired them.

This piece was inspired by DVerse’s Meeting the Bar prompt – stream of consciousness writing. Below is the original of the piece in my own version of chicken scratches.

15 thoughts on “DOODLES

  1. Drawing and chicken scratches look fine to me. Love the graceful movements of that flight, curves and twirl. Delightful outcome, I say.

  2. So many small miracles all about us that go unnoticed. You doodles capture how they speak to you, and the photo is mangificent!

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