My little sailboat flounders
In a sea of whispers
Has it forgotten its course
Amidst so many voices
Saying go north, or south, or east, or west?
My little sailboat spins
In the currents.

Is there hope for my sailboat
Ensorcelled as it is
By sweet-voiced sirens
Harboring evil schemes?

Alas! Not the pull of the moon
Nor the push of the winds
Could set my sailboat free.
But, if it could be still
And remember
The cause for its voyage
May she cut its way through the chaos
And find its moorings at last.


Written for DVerse’s Come Sail prompt and Instagram’s @fallspoetry
#augustfalls20 sea of whispers, pull of the moon.


18 thoughts on “SAILBOAT

  1. So beautifully composed. With the chaos of many different things trying to influence direction, it can be hard to stay on the original path. That’s what I got from this poem and I love that theme very much with how you express it; it’s evocative. A wonderful piece here!

  2. Hi. You know, I think we sometimes take the wrong direction, even though we know better. And sometimes, through inaction, we don’t take what would be the correct direction. Life can be complicated.

    1. Thanks, Arlene. I am doing well. We’re visiting family so I have more time on my hands for my little hobbies than usual. I hope you’re well and good, too.

  3. I guess we all feel like that sometimes. Even harder when you’re a moving boat, and everything is moving around you. To extend your metaphor a little more, I guess the skill of sailing is using a force that’s trying to push you one way and using it to go the way you want to. Thanks for sharing!

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