The dark clouds did not bring the rain
They teased, only to drift away.
Thirsty flowers were left wanting
to quench their thirst on that humid day.

The grasshoppers went on playing
The dark clouds did not bring the rain
But the ants kept on working
building up their pile of summer grain.

Why would a caterpillar care?
It slept soundly in its cocoon.
The dark clouds did not bring the rain,
My heart needed consolation

For the promise that was not kept.
That my eyes see the silver lining –
Perhaps, it is all for the best
The dark clouds did not bring the rain.

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  1. Very emotional and thoughtful. I love the repetition throughout this piece, and especially like how it ends with a positive, hopeful note to look forward to. Excellent piece!

  2. This is a very visually descriptive poem that paints a story of wonder and hope. You made the small things like thirsty flowers, grasshoppers and ants important characters going on about their lives and living like they do. I also feel that this poem also reflects on the times today. So many of us are hoping for a better day, and hoping to see some sunshine after this storm right now. Hope you are doing well, Imelda. Take care.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments and your time to write them down. True, we may be buffeted by trials these days, but we cannot let them crush us. Here’s to better days, and the grace to smile no matter what. 😊🌼

  3. I love the repetition here….it’s almost like I’m keeping on watching those dark clouds, watching and waiting and still there is no rain…to quenching the thirst of so many and of earth….the washing away….and still there is no rain.
    I enjoyed this very much.

  4. Some dark clouds are reminders to appreciate the sunny days, others bring the promised rain. The grasshoppers and caterpillars teach us patience!

  5. The dark clouds did not bring the rain. – The repetition of this line speaks of disappointments but in the end it sounds like it is causing the reader to think deeper beyond this moment.

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