Summers are made of these -

butterflies frolicking in the sun
zucchini growing on the ground

barefoot children playing in the yard
swooping on brambles like hungry birds
grabbing berries with eager hands

popsicles dripping on sweaty chin
children dancing under the summer rain

Written for DVERSE POETS’ Quadrille prompt: Bramble

26 thoughts on “SUMMER

    1. I hear you. I almost always hide in a cool room during the hottest part of the summer days which is quite ironic considering that I grew up in a place with weather that is hotter and steamier than our Northeast summers.

      Thanks so much, Neil, for dropping by and leaving some kind words. Take care and stay safe as well.

    1. I am indeed enjoying the ‘lazier’ days when there’s no schooling to do. I can do more fun stuff. And you? I hope you are doing well. Stay safe and take care.

      1. I also am enjoying slower days working from home. So much more time doing other things. I hope you enjoy your lazier days as much as you can πŸ™‚

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