My treasures are a visual prayer
my eyes delight to see:
a garden full of flowers
a pocketful of butterflies, flying free;

broken seashells smelling of the shore
flowered teapots from days of yore
cards and notes bearing good wishes
faded photos of familiar faces

Then, there’s the warmth of sunshine
and the freshness of falling rain
God’s promise in a rainbow
and laughter’s sweet refrain

My soul exalts when remembering
these common miracles, to say the least.
Of gratitude my prayers sing
its cadence clearing through the mist.

Linking with DVERSE POETS’ PUB’s Open Link Night

The above poem was inspired by Instagram’s #julyfalls20 prompts: broken seashells and pocketful of butterflies

13 thoughts on “TREASURES

  1. Imelda, your poem is wonderful. It sings along in beautiful rhythm and let us delight in all the
    treasures around. I love them all along with you.


      1. Smiles My FRiEnD
        There Are People
        And There Are
        Human Kind
        You are
        One of
        Few i Find☺️🎶
        And Never Forget
        For i Do Remember Both
        And Kind
        With SMiLes😁🌟

  2. A beautiful poem of gratitude and I love the idea of a “visual prayer”….much needed right now. Thanks for joining in, Imelda! 🙂

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