The dust that settles
on the ground is the dust
that marks my forehead,
the dust that will be deep
beneath some graven mark.

From dust, we are
formed, to dust, we are
restored. Who will remember
what was there once
when everything that is
in the end, is what was?

Who will find the future
when the present is lost
to time? Eternity awaits
him who leaves his dust behind.


For DVERSE;s Poetics Prompt:  Impermanence

Dust, because Ash Wednesday

9 thoughts on “DUST

  1. What about memories, our soul, what about love and light?
    I find that memories and love from people who gone before have often
    given me strength. As a family they live for generations in our telling.

    But, yes, our bodies become dust/ earth when the time comes.


  2. I love the line. “Eternity awaits him who leaves his dust behind.” It is one of those lines that hits you right between the eyes. Great post and thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind comment. I am sorry for the late response. I am going through a serious writing block and only checks my page only once in a while.

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