LOVELINESS (for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54-Detail)

Petals pool on the ground
Time is passing by
Flowers droop, one last bow

But the dragonfly wings glisten
And the sunfish flit in the pond

The ugly duckling is becoming a swan

Fireflies light the summer nights
tomorrow, dew will bathe the dawning skies.

Loveliness happens
Even as flowers die.


Last week, after taking several picture of a blooming Dahlia in our garden, I noticed a dewdrop hanging on one of the sepals of one of the taller buds. I-refocused my camera to capture the dewdrop and took several more pictures until the dewdrop was gone. What a difference that little detail made on the image. The top photo shows the dewdrop on the verge of falling while the bottom one shows the same image right after the dewdrop fell. The first one presents a story, the other one, a simple picture of a pretty flower.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54:Detail

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