The empty water bottle glows
beneath the morning sun
calling out the hands whence
it ‘accidentally’ slipped when
its usefulness was gone.

Should it be happy
that it is not alone
that it joins the ranks of the forgotten
flooding the earth
exacting vengeance?

I am writing about one of my pet peeves – empty water bottles, soda cans, and coffee cups, and all sorts of things that people leave behind in the woods, parks, everywhere.  It is quite irritating to see crushed soda cans hiding beneath a forest undergrowth.

Closer to home, passers-by  would casually stick their empty containers on the bushes that front our yard.  How hard is it to carry their empties until they get to the nearest trash can to dispose of their refuse properly?

Poem written for DVERSE’s Quadrille prompt – sun.




11 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN

  1. I too get annoyed when I see these left behind. At many parks they give you a bag and say take out what you bring in. More people should practice that instead of destroying the beauty of nature.

    A lovely rant!

  2. My pet peeve too when I see trash and plastic bottles on the ground or streets. I believe that mother nature would eventually strike back with vengence.

    1. So true. One morning, I saw a young woman, in her gym/track suit. She casually dropped her empty bottle to the ground before she joined her friends in the park’s obstacle course. in my eyes, she lost some beauty points right there and then.

      1. Exactly. But with the internet buzzing about all the plastic and littering stuff – how is it that so many people just don’t get it?

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