WOMAN IN THE KAYAK (for Lens-Artist Challenge #52 – Serenity)

Her arms and oar move as one
Like breath, rising and falling
She glides like a dream

Will and body,
woman and vessel
a harmony

the water sings,
tunes out the cacophony.

She lifts up her face
towards the solitude infused skies –

Her heart knows its place
Her soul beholds more than existence.


I have missed WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenges. In a way, it felt like my pictures have lost their home. So, I am quite glad to join the Lens-Artist Photo Challenges hosted by Tina of Travel and Trifles, Anne Christine of Leya, Pilotfishblog, and Amy of The World is a Book.


6 thoughts on “WOMAN IN THE KAYAK (for Lens-Artist Challenge #52 – Serenity)

    1. Hi, Mei-mei. Thanks. πŸ™‚ I will try to post as much as I can while it is still summer and the house is not as crazy. Ah, I missed the WP weekly photo challenge.

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