Like a beggar child
Looking at the rich folks’ fare
I was.
An outsider
Wanting to belong
I shed myself
Put on a mask
To fit in.

From within
I watch the world
Through the eyes of
one who has found
Her own home.


For DVerse’s Quadrille prompt: rich


12 thoughts on “OUTSIDER

  1. This is a great poem, Imelda. Sometimes we want to fit in some place and in order to do, we have to put on that mask and pretend…all the while knowing who we really are. Hope you have a good weekend and a good week ahead 🙂

  2. I like the way you have split your quadrille into two stanzas, which highlights the contrast and the gap between rich and poor. Thank you for sharing, Imelda.

  3. I agree with Kim. It is the perfect pause in the quadrille, the first being the reality of fitting in and the second one emphasizing the true self. Very nice.

    1. Thanks fro dropping by, Ali.

      Your question makes me wonder, too. I guess at the very least, people need to pt on a mask of civility (if that can be properly called a mask) if only to maintain human society.

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