red tulipsTulips bathed in dew

greet the day. How true –


bring us ever new

gifts to see us through


days.  Hope sings no blues.

Despair does eschew



red tulips 2

My attempt at Lai for DVerse’s Poetics Prompt – More Lai and Lai Nouveau. Ah! What a difficult and tricky form.


8 thoughts on “MORNINGS

    1. Hi, Neil.

      A Lai poetry is a 9-line poem with, essentially, 3 stanzas. The first two lines of each stanza have 5 syllables and should have the same rhyming pattern. All six should rhyme. The third line of each stanza has 2 syllables, and rhymes with the other two. So, the rhyming pattern of the whole poem goes like this: aab aab aab.

      Thanks for reading. Have a great week and best regards. 😊

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